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Your psychotherapy practice is a business!
Build a web site and make the internet go to work for you!
A website is a low cost and practical resource for any clinician in a solo private practice. Since no one can be available 24/7 to be of service to clients or potential clients, a website can fill in the gap. Your site can replace the receptionist or office staff that you do not have. It can provide answers to common questions about you, psychotherapy, and your practice. Most importantly, it is another way to market yourself. In the business world this is one of the keys to a successful practice.

Below is a list of some of the benefits of having your own website. This list is by no means exhaustive, and you may well think of other creative uses.
  • Potential clients can "meet you" before picking up the phone to call.

  • You can inform people of you areas of specialization.

  • An opportunity to provide FAQ's regarding the process of psychotherapy .

  • Clients have the ability to e-mail you at your website as an alternative to calling.

  • You can offer articles and educational material online for your clients.

  • Provide links to recommended books, websites, and other resources.

  • A website "store" to sell any products, such as books or tapes, you may have to offer.

  • Provide a map and directions to your office with a single click.

  • Create your own newsletter for your clients or others.

  • Develop a "Members Only" area providing select content for a small monthly fee.
For a psychotherapist, the best part of all about having your own website is how cost-effective it really is. For a few dollars per month, the list of potential benefits is long!
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